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While waiting for the guy managed to change pikaperam in the toilet

The boys surely went to town with some money in his pocket, which was willing to spend sex. But near the bus stop acquaintance was unsuccessful and they went to the Park, where I saw the beauty that was waiting for her boyfriend. Asked her to go with them to a café and wait for him there together. Sitting at the table was asked to show my Breasts, gave a hundred bucks and that money touching hands showed what was asked of her, even managed to NAP Edik. But then in the hall to undress her it was a shame, on display for the ass she agreed in the toilet. Picked up some more money and completely forgot about the existence of her boyfriend. Not only agreed to allow to touch her elastic rolls, but to make the men a Blowjob. Became the crustaceans from the wall and Eric had planted in the back. He took Edward in my mouth and breathed heavily. It was her first extreme in my life, for which she was well paid. Gave cum on face and Tits, and walked to the mirror and began to wash away.
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